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One of a kind henna crafts by Rose

traditional design

One day as Rose was wandering about (on a rare break) at one of her fairs, she discovered some beautiful, hand carved wooden hands from Bali.  It was a no-brainer to decorate them with Henna...and so this new craft was born....

original celtic design

Rose decorates each hand individually, drawing from traditional, popular and original design ideas.  She uses the same henna that is used in her booth (and sold on this website), applied in the same painstaking manner.  The henna is allowed to dry and then preserved with a clear sealer.  Rose signs and dates each hand.  She also writes the interpretation of any symbols used.


Prices for these beautiful hands start at $35 for the simplest designs, and go up according to complexity and coverage.  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of these hands.  You can also make special orders, for instance for particular kanji symbols incorporated into the designs.